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Algaia : a new exit for CapDecisif Management

We are delighted to announce a new exit for CapDecisif Management by selling our stakes into Algaia to SAPEC Group & Velge family, experts in AgTech!

algaiaAlgaia is a marine biotechnology company producing marine ingredients, especially algae extracts, marketing them in over 45 countries around the World.

The company was financed at the end of 2010 by CapDecisif Management (G1J-IDF), Emertec and Supernova based on a significantly different investment thesis from its current activity. With Fabrice Bohin’s arrival in 2014, Algaia was repositioned and move from a start-up research mode to an industrial SME’s one!

The company was also reorganized. It signed a strategic agreement with Gelymar (big Chilean algae supplier), opened a dedicated R&D center in Normandy, merged with Alganact (a company possessing assets and recognized for its know-how in the algae’s space) and finally made the acquisition of a production plant from Cargill in Brittany ...

In 3 years Algaia staff increased from 8 people to 100 and has today a turnover of nearly 20m€ mainly in Food, Nutraceutics and Cosmetics! The team, led by Fabrice, is fully responsible for this success and CapDecisif Management is very proud to have been able to support them during this period.

Of course, nothing could have been possible without the strong support of the other historical investors Emertec and Supernova and the arrival of the first industrial partner into shareholding, Maabarot in 2016!

Good luck with this new step!