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Ifremer, the French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea, has joined CosmiCapital

Ifremer, the French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea, has joined CosmiCapital, our new fund dedicated to space enabled Digital and Tech solutions, as a sponsor and partner.

ifremerIfremer is a French institute that undertakes research and expert assessments to advance knowledge on the oceans and their resources, monitor the marine environment and promote the sustainable development of maritime activities.

The institute is committed to foster its innovation initiatives and identify new solutions and trends especially in the digital and space data area that have strong impacts on its markets. Ifremer is eager to connect with startups at their inception in order to stimulate reflection and potentially support them through their growth. It can also be added that one of Ifremer's objectives is to promote maritime services and products through the fund. In this context, Ifremer has decided to be part of the CosmiCapital deployment.

CosmiCapital is a European multistage fund of €100m targeting the best businesses using space technologies or data, representing for our partners a huge opportunity spanning across many industry verticals from maritime to finance, transportation & logistics, healthcare, agriculture or telecom...In addition, CosmiCapital is built with leading space agencies and corporates, organized around an innovative business hub composed of top executives from the Space value chain and industries impacted by satellite-generated data. This framework gives investors an access to the startup ecosystem, collect visions of the emerging new solutions using space data and stimulate “co-building” between stakeholders.With the funding, the team will hire a dozen developers and accelerate the deployment of the solution, currently in beta version.