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Implicity, first deal of CapDecisif 4, our Digital Health focused fund

implicityImplicity has raised 4M€ from CapDecisif Management along with digital peers Serena and Xange. We are proud of this first CapDecisif 4 deal, right on target of the fund positioning which is aimed at investing in digital technologies that will trigger great clinical improvements!

The company develops a state-of-the art SaaS portal running Artificial Intelligence algorithms processing data generated by Cardiovascular Implantable Electronic Devices (pacemakers and defibrillators). Their product enables cardiologists to monitor their patients efficiently and will ultimately become the key solution to predict and manage patients with a risk of severe health event (stroke, heart failure…).

Pacemakers and defibrillators are the best sensors to monitor patient’s cardiac conditions. Immense research has been led by industry majors to produce top-reliable devices able to continuously monitor and detect anomalies in patient’s heartbeats. The reliability of these devices is such that the data generated can lead these devices to deliver resuscitating electrical shocks to patients.

Connectivity of these devices has been proven superior on massive patient’s cohorts to monitor and improve their conditions and decrease mortality. Yet, although virtually 100% of these devices include connectivity modules, only a fraction of them are actually connected, underleveraging the clinical benefit. Reasons for this lack of connectivity are numerous (no standard data format between devices manufacturers, clinical teams not paid or not organized to monitor patients until recently…).

Arnaud Rosier, Founder and CEO of Implicity, and a cardiologist himself has been willing to tackle this issue. After a PhD in AI looking at the use of pacemakers and defibrillators data, Arnaud has incorporated Implicity with David Perlmutter, an experienced digital entrepreneur and childhood friend.

With a business model currently at play in France, and several others countries, Implicity is now offering a single patient management SaaS platform to hospitals and care centers, and is entering into its clinical development to make the most of the very best available patient data! Such an exciting outlook ahead for Medicine!!