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Voluntis: an industry pioneer now listed on Euronext IPO

Voluntis is THE European pioneer in Digital Health, and one more time the company has been the first of its kind, being the first Digital Therapeutics company listed on Euronext Paris with a €30,1m IPO!

Founded in 2001, at a time when e-health and telemedicine were mere concepts, it now specialises in therapeutic software. CapDecisif Management is the first VC having invested in Voluntis back in 2006. This is the 5th IPO for one of our portfolio companies!

What is a therapeutic software?
Digital therapies are a particularly suitable means of helping patients with chronic diseases, for example by monitoring side effects, guiding symptom management, encouraging compliance with therapeutic protocols, recommending doses and promoting the sharing of data with medical teams. They help to increase patient autonomy, prevent complications and ultimately improve treatment effectiveness. Hence “therapeutic software”.

These types of therapeutic software are subject to the Medical Device Regulations as for any implant, haemodialysis machine or internal sutures. They are prescribed by doctors and may ultimately be reimbursed by healthcare payers in the public and/or private sector.
One example part of Voluntis products is Insulia®, a medical device only available on medical prescription and reimbursed in France by the health authorities. It is intended for patients with type 2 diabetes treated with long-acting basal insulin, and provides insulin dose recommendations and educational coaching advice based in particular on blood sugar levels.

Clinical studies are required to demonstrate the medical benefits of digital therapies such as those provided by Voluntis. Voluntis solutions like Insulia® and Diabeo® (marketed by Sanofi for patients with type 1 and type 2 diabetes treated with insulin according to a basal-bolus regimen) are among the most clinically proven to date.

Diabetes and cancer:
Having specialised initially in diabetes, Voluntis now also offers solutions for cancer patients. Prescribed by the medical team as an extension of treatment, they help patients better manage their symptoms and side effects, especially for oral chemotherapies.
Voluntis recently reported on the results of a feasibility study conducted among ovarian cancer patients in collaboration with AstraZeneca and the US National Cancer Institute. According to their findings, eCO®, a mobile app designed specifically to more easily manage treatment-related events such as hypertension and diarrhoea associated generally with discontinuation of treatment, has delivered significantly positive results.

CapDecisif Management was the first to invest in Voluntis in 2006, accompanying the company until its recent IPO on Euronext Paris.
The company, based in Suresnes (close to Paris, France) and Cambridge (US) and has 100 employees. Offering a technological platform that is unique in its field, it manages more than 600,000 patients worldwide in about 50 programmes. Voluntis is the 5th IPO for the CapDecisif Management portfolio!