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Venture Capital

We manage several funds with complementary investment strategies.Based on these funds, we make initial investments in Seed, Series A, Series B or at Growth Capital stages; and we usually allocate most of our funding in follow-on investments until exit. Our typical commitments range from €0,5m to €5m.

Western Europe

Historically we invest in Paris Region, 1st European Region in terms of GDP and concentrating most of French innovative companies.
We have recently widened our investment scope to Western Europe, enabled by the international experience of the team, a qualified dealflow and longstanding partners.

Lead, co-lead, follower

Usually lead or co-lead investors, we are agile and can adapt to different syndication schemes. Our experience and footprint in the Venture Capital market has led us to work with most of recognized teams on the market.


Our main sectors of interest are the Digital solutions, Healthcare, Digital Health and NewSpace. We particularly appreciate cross-sectorial innovations. Our ambition is to realize innovative projects in sectors that are prone to significant exits, or companies fit for IPOs.

Innovative business models, cutting-edge technology

We target investments in companies with high-growth business model, international ambitions and usually grounded on breakthrough innovation or science.

Great teams

We finance companies driven by exceptional entrepreneurs. We also support inventors willing to build a team to realize their creation, connecting them with a pool of talents with sharp expertise and willingness to engage alongside with us.


Our DNA is entrepreneurship. We are active investors with great eagerness to support entrepreneurs in their strategic planning, development and deal-making. We systematically participate in portfolio companies’ governance and are looking forward to building mutual trust with the entrepreneurs we finance.

Collective work

Our approach to team work also reflects within CapDecisif Management. All investment projects are reviewed by the team, from their entry in the dealflow to the investment decisions. We are also supported by a network of dozens of experts with longstanding common work, that we call on specific assignments.