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CapDecisif Management currently manages several funds, each having a particular investment strategy and focus, defined in accordance with our investors.

CapDecisif vintages

CapDecisif, CapDecisif 2, CapDecisif 3 and CapDecisif 4 are Venture Capital Funds taking first stakes at Seed stage and participating to subsequent refinancing rounds. These funds are being invested in companies developing Digital, Healthcare and Digital Health solutions, in France and Europe neighboring countries.

Paris Region Venture Fund

CapDecisif Management has been granted the management of the Paris Region Venture Fund in 2011 and renewed in 2017. Paris Region Venture Fund is a co-investment fund financing innovative companies based in Paris Region, at several stages of their growth. More information can be found on the Paris Region Venture Fund website : www.frci-idf.com


CosmiCapital is a Venture Capital Fund financing private companies involved in space and space related businesses in Europe, from early-stage to growth rounds. CapDecisif Management has been selected by CNES, the French Space Agency, to raise and manage this new fund. More information can be found on the CosmiCapital website : www.cosmicapital.com